Frequently Asked Questions

                        1. Why is our insurance company so much more demanding than our local Fire
                            Department regarding building codes? 
                            Insurers have to pay, the city doesn't.   
                            When the FD puts out a fire that should never have started, they're heros, but the
                            insurer has to pay to repair damages that were preventable.  Insurers want to cover
                            safety conscious people.  They expect to pay for accidents, and things beyond
                            your control,  not for neglect or losses contributed to by a lack of proper 

                        2. How do we know we'll have enough insurance to replace everything we
                            could lose?

                            Great question.  It's hard to know, because so many variables impact
                            the cost of reapirs.  It's also difficult to tell how much personal property is worth
                            if it has not been recently purchased, inventoried, or appraised.  The most
                            common mistake many people make is assuming that they will not lose 
                            everything.  Next, is that "our things aren't worth anything."  And last, never 
                            telling their agent what they have.  Someday it may all be different, but for now,
                            there is no master checklist that will assist you to know all you need to know. 
                            Instead there are Agents and Brokers.  Just like policies, agents are different,
                            and don't all agree on everything.  A little research goes a long way.  We can
                            help.  And some policies conditionally promise to pay in excess of the stated 
                            limits, ask us how.

                        3. How about our collection of Whats Its? 

                            People collect everything imaginable.  And some of those collections are 
                            extremely valuable.  Insurance policies are not set up to provide a "blank check" 
                            without proof of loss, so you have to be prepared to demonstrate ownership, 
                            authenticity, and value.  One thing all policies have in common is: limitations,
                            conditions, and exclusions that ultimately control what's covered, and how much 
                            you can collect in a given situation.  Few people read policies thoroughly before
                            purchasing, and if they mean to read it later, that day may not come until after a
                            claim has been denied.  VIA is here to help, but you need to call us in advance.  

                        4. Why can't I just get everything I want just the way I want it? 

                             Though considered a "financial services" business, insurance is nothing like retail
                             where sales are based on instant gratification, bragging rights, a need to be
                             trendy, or an intense dislike for the table service etc.  Insurance as a whole does
                             provide a key service across a broad spectrum that touches just about everything,
                             and everyone at some point, but the interactions with customers are far different
                             as it's a product that no one ever wants to use, but some of us use much more
                             often than others do (such as with medical and auto insurance).  Life insurance is
                             really death insurance (but nobody wants to talk about dying), and while new 
                             plans may allow pre death advance payments for end stage, and long term care,
                             the appeal is knowing you've provided for your family unselfishly, unlike a great
                             new car, a vacation home, or dream vacation etc.  There are about 2300 Life 
                             insurers doing business in CA, and hundreds of Property & Casualty companies
                             for a reason.  And even though many brag that they are the best at everything
                             under the sun, it's too big of a business for that boasting to be true.  

                             Insurance is one of a few multi billion dollar businesses that touches every
                             part of our life.  It's the grease that keeps economic gears turning, and it's also
                             the means to repair and replace everything that we depend on for food, shelter,
                             communications, and transportation.  It's a great big business that some people
                             love to hate, and most just think is deadly B-O-R-I-N-G.  It's imperfect as are
                             all businesses, but it's full of caring people who take their community service
                             very seriously.   Insurers provide extremely critical financial support for our 
                             families and our businesses that allow us to live our normal life, get loans so we
                             can buy things, pursue our dreams, start and expand business, and of course fix
                             what's been broken. 

                             If your only connection with your insurance is paying the bills, maybe the multi
                             million dollar advertisements comfort you?  If you've had a bad claims 
                             experience, maybe those commercials upset you?  Is any giant corporation
                             really your good neighbor, good hands, or any of the other things they spend so
                             much policyholder cash trying t convince you they are?  

                             Our experience is that if you expect to be PAID, that only happens where the
                             required coverage is part of your policy.  Claims people may feel really bad for
                             your loss, but they won't offer to pay for things your policy does not cover!​


No matter how we may try to convince ourselves otherwise, no matter how 
great our personal achievements, we owe our very existence to ancestors who
we know next to nothing about, and who likely suffered and died in order to
increase the chances that we could live a better life than they did.   

If you only believe in what you know, and think that's the limit of our existence
then it will not comfort you to hear that angels are watching over you.  They 
will continue to guard you, and guide you whether you are open to it or not!

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