"If It Rolls, Flies, Floats, or Just Sits There - We Cover It."

 VIA (Verreos Insurance Agency, etal) is licensed by the State of California only.  We only sell and advise on those insurance products that we are currently licensed to sell.  If we consult with people in other states on a general level, we always direct them to seek specific coverage advise from an agent licensed in the state where their business/needs are located.  We only provide services authorized by our CDI state licenses.  All inquiries regarding accounting, tax, or legal questions must be directed by you to the appropriate professional of your choice.  We do not consult on topics outside of our license,  or areas of experience. 
Insurance:  Property, Liability, Life, and Medical; Autos, Homes, Businesses, Commercial, Industrial, Landlords, Retail, Manufacturing, Wholesale.
Compensation:     Normally insurers pay VIA a commission as a percentage of premiums. 
                                If we are legally allowed to charge a fee in addition to receiving the 
                                commission, you will first be advised of the fee amount, and asked to
                                approve it in writing in advance.  We usually only apply fees to specialty
                                policies, and commercial accounts that pay a very low, or no commission,
                                and/or which require a great deal of extra time to service.

Consulting Services:   2nd Opinion: a) coverage questions
                                                                 b) market and pricing questions
                                                                 c) risk assessments - loss experience
                                                                 d) expert witness

                    >   Pre investment planning:  What do we need to consider?
                    >   Policy Review
                    >   Risk Management/Loss Control

$ Consulting Fees
   Standard Rate: 
    $400.00/hour, plus $7.00/minute for each added minute, subject to a
                                   $100.00 base minimum charge per consult regardless of time.  

      Consulting is based on time availability.  No work is done without a completed signed 
      agreement with full payment or minimum deposit paid in advance.

   Online Rate:       $100.00/hour, plus $10.00/minute for each added minute, with all consults done in "chat
                                 mode", subject to minimum charge of $50.00 payable by credit card only.

                                 A good faith effort will be made to assure that questions are understood,
                                 clearly answered, and you acknowledge satisfaction with the consult 
                                 prior to being charged. 

                                 You promise to pay online the pre agreed fees noted above which are
                                 non refundable.  VIA reserves the right to charge for actual time and to
                                 terminate any consult we deem non productive or unprofessional.

                                 Any disputes will be required to submit to binding arbitration to be 
                                 conducted in the City and County of San Francisco, California.
                                 This is the complete agreement for online consulting services.