Our Company
Nick A. Verreos started from scratch as a new independent 
insurance agent with a store front office in the heart of San 
Francisco's Mission District in 1956.  He worked tirelessly to build
a reputation of integrity that attracted a wide variety of clients from all neighborhoods.  As the business grew, it moved to 16th & Mission, then to 870 Market in the Flood Building, and finally in 1980 to our current location in the City of Stars - Brisbane where costs were stabilized, and where you can still park for free.

Now in our 61st year, and our 37th year in Brisbane, VIA has 
achieved something many others have not - survival.  Constant adaptation to meet the changing needs of our clients has been
managed without sacrificing our core values
which are key to our
success.  We now serve clients ranging from Shasta, to Tahoe, and San Diego.  We don't take our client's for granted.  Thanks!  
Our Mission
Be the company our clients honor with their loyalty, and are confident about telling their family and friends about.

Be the company people are proud and happy to work for.

Be the company our supplier/insurers respect, trust and value.
Our History
Our Slogan:  "WORKING FOR YOU"  comes from the original
idea of Nick Verreos' in the 1970's:  "We Don't Work for an Insurance Company We Work for You!

So many companies have copied our slogan it's common now,
but we were first when it was new.  Working For You is in our logo to remind us never to forget who we depend on, and who's needs must come first.  

We're environmentally conscious, and socially committed to
working within our community where our efforts have the most
impact.  And we also support a variety of  charities, national organizations related to Veteran's services, medical research, Native American children's shelter and education,  LIONS Club Int'l, 
The Blind Vietnamese Children Foundation, and others.    

Anthony N. Verreos
V E R R E O S  Insurance Agency (tm),  VIA (tm), Mr. Insurance Broker (tm)